Wailua River Paddle Board Rental
Wailua River Paddle Board Rental
Wailua River Paddle Board Rental

Wailua River Paddle Board Rental

From $54.00 $0.00 /day /
  • 6-hour Paddle Board rental for Wailua River (Secret Falls, Fern Grotto)
  • Conveniently located 2 minutes from the river
  • Roof racks (pads & straps) included with rental
  • Our staff will assist with loading
  • Wailua River safety orientation included

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Paddle Boarding the Wailua River

As Hawaii’s largest navigable river, there’s no place quite like the Wailua River. Zigzagging through stretches of wildlife-rich rainforests, an abundance of lush greenery, and a new landscape hidden around every twist and turn, uncover all that Kauai has to offer from its picture-perfect riverbanks.

While this slice of paradise has become known for its world-class backdrops, it has so much more to offer than a viral-worthy Instagram snap. Doubling as a playground for Hawaii’s exotic wildlife, float side-by-side with a school of Rainbow Trout or largemouth bass, or set sail beneath a blanket of Red Jungle-fowls, without a guide in sight.


You’re invited! While we’re always working behind the scenes to prepare you for an adventure to remember, there are two key things to note before setting off on the road. Firstly, there are no eateries along the river, so we’d encourage you to pack a picnic (and lots of water) to enjoy once you reach your destination. Lunch with world-class views? Check!

If you’re planning on visiting Secret Falls, ensure you’re fully prepared for a 30-minute jungle hike to the waterfall. Your to-do list should include packing proper footwear and weather-appropriate clothing.

With ample parking available at the river, as well as on-site restrooms for your convenience, you’ll have everything you need just a hop, skip, and step away, without needing to cut your adventure short by heading elsewhere.


When you’re ready to indulge in Kauai’s natural charm, we’ll meet you at our base, just a stone’s throw from the river. We’ll provide you with everything you need for a successful kayak rental, including paddles, seats, life jackets, dry bag and a roof rack to securely transport your kayaks to the water. Don’t worry – our friendly team will help you attach the roof rack to your car when you arrive.

Please note: While our day trips are designed for kayakers of all abilities, we do politely request that you take care of our equipment as best you can. This includes avoiding using your paddle as a launch pad, and lifting your kayak when out of the water, as opposed to dragging it.


See you in a few hours! We adore the adage ‘let the river be your guide’, so once you have arrived at the river, you’re free to take whatever route catches your eye. We encourage you to explore all that Wailua River has to offer at a pace that you’re comfortable with, whether you’re set to challenge yourself by seeing how far you can paddle, or you’d prefer to find a secluded spot to watch the world go by.

While we are advocates for making your own journey, free of guides, assistance, or other kayakers exploring with you, there are two key destinations we’d like to put the spotlight on. Turning right at the fork will transport you to a world of breath-taking waterfalls and scenic hikes, known as Secret Falls. In contrast, turning left will bring you to Fern Grotto, rich with tropical plants and walls of lava rock, with an otherworldly feel.

Top tip: For your safety, we encourage you to paddle close to the riverbank, on the same side as the ramp, allowing boats to safely pass you. If you choose to leave your kayak to explore your surroundings, lift the kayak onto land to avoid it being taken by the tide.


Shh! It may be the attraction that reels adventurers to Wailua River, but we still think of Secret Falls as Hawaii’s best-kept secret. Encircled by dense greenery, glistening waters, and the iconic 100ft waterfall, Secret Falls welcomes beginner kayakers and bonafide adventurers alike.

Whether you’re setting off on a sun-drenched swim, finding the ultimate spot to enjoy a waterfront picnic, or unwinding amongst a never-ending stream of views, this destination offers something for all visitors. Positioned at the end of a mile-long, flat boardwalk, take your time as you take in Hawaii’s hidden gems, absorbing the refreshing mist from the waterfall as you go.


Become immersed in your own slice of tranquillity. Representing a slow-paced nook away from the hustle-and-bustle, this natural formation of lava rock is as head-turning as it is mystical. Overflowing with drooping ferns and an abundance of tropical plants, there’s no better place to soak in Kauai’s natural charm. Balancing its jungle ambiance with an impressive tale, Fern Grotto is a piece of Hawaiian history, formed over millions of years.

Please note: If you wish to explore this destination you will need to tell us so we can give you the proper gear for tying up your equipment while you are out enjoying the scenery.


Choose to visit the swimming hole either after or instead of stopping at the Fern Grotto. This naturally occurring deep pool is part of the river. Travel approximately 15 minutes past the Fern Grotto to arrive at the swimming hole. The river will fork again and narrow, keep right at the fork. Once the river widens and becomes very shallow you are almost there. Look for a grassy embankment to your left and a cliff face past that. The swimming hole will be along the cliff. There will be an area to climb up to the jumping ledge on the left side of the pool. Jump off the 15-foot ledge and enjoy the refreshing water. ALWAYS be sure to check that anywhere you may jump is deep enough and clear of rocks and other debris!

Please note: If you wish to explore the swimming hole you will need to let us know so we can give you the proper gear for tying up your equipment while you are swimming.


After a day filled with waterfall-chasing, exotic animal-spotting, and sun-basking, it’s time for a U-turn. Please ensure you head back in good time, accounting for the fact that you’ll be kayaking against the wind.

Once you’re back on land, we politely request that you give your kayaks a quick wash with the river water, before attaching them to your roof rack and making your way back to our base. We’ll be on hand to safely remove the roof rack from your car, before parting ways until your next river-top adventure.

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