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You’re invited!

As Hawaii’s largest navigable river, there’s no place quite like the Wailua River. Zigzagging through stretches of wildlife-rich rainforests, an abundance of lush greenery, and a new landscape hidden around every twist and turn, uncover all that Kauai has to offer from its picture-perfect riverbanks.

What to expect:

We’ll bring all your equipment, including kayaks, paddles, seats, life jackets, dry bags, and roof racks - plus an easy to follow route.

In Case You're Wondering...

Yes, our store is located 2 minutes from the river launch (It's a long walk and we don't reccomend it). We will attach your kayak to the roof of your car and provide all the equipment necessary to do so. Any car is okay (even convertables).

It depends, the whole trip includes four miles of paddling and just over two miles of hiking. We will not put out rentals when the water is up, but wind conditions can add some diffuculty to the paddling part of the trip. Additionally, the trail may, from time to time, become muddy, making it much more challanging to hike (we have rental shoes perfect for the adventure)

Yes! Usually. There are some factors to consider. the cars height and the size and strength of the people involved. That said, there are some tricks that make the whole process easier. Our staff will work with you to make sure you know what your doing and feel confident about your WHOLE journey.

Fern Grotto is a tropical cave/rock formation. It has bathrooms and concrete walking paths and a large viewing deck - It's a pretty sight, but there's no easy way to stowe your kayak (the dock is for the riverboats). Paddle on and you'll come to the famous swimming hole (we reccomend this) where you can cool off and jump from a rock formation.