Paddle in Paradise

There’s another side of Maui waiting to be explored, and you’re invited to discover it. It’s an opportunity to get a front-row view of Maui’s idyllic shores, rugged water-front mountains, and infamous marine life – and that’s all within the first few minutes.

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Discover World-class Marine Life

All in a day’s paddle. Breezing past schools of tropical fish, rows of coral reefs, and bales of Hawaiian green sea turtles, as well as a snapshot into the lives of Hawaiian monk seals, spotted moray eels, and Hawaiian day octopuses, paddleboarding in Maui transports you to another dimension – or so it feels. It’ll show you colors you’ve never seen before and fish you (probably!) don’t know how to pronounce… ahem, 'llio holo I ka uaua.

Need a hand?

Or how about a roof rack, life jacket, dry bag, or lock and cable? We believe that our work doesn’t end once your paddleboard lands on your doorstep. Instead, our Maui paddle board rentals are here to make sure you have everything you need, from the bulky equipment that never makes it into your suitcase to the tools that’ll protect you, your valuables, and your youngest paddlers, whatever the ocean throws at them.

Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions

Maui is a great place for paddleboarding, but not all locations are created equal.

When choosing your location, be sure to avoid rocky entrances, too-shallow reefs, and pounding shore break.

Our favorite spots (weather permitting) include Makena Landing, Olowalu, Kaanapali, and Kapalua Bay. For a complete list click here.

It depends. Experienced paddlers looking for a specific type of board will pay a premium, and have to go to a surf shop to rent and return the equipment.

Beginner paddlers who are okay with more generic gear will find better deals and more convenient options (including free delivery). The typical paddleboard rental is $50/day and $220/week. Check out our prices here.

A typical begginer board has 200-220 liters of volume. This this makes them buoyant enough to support up to 300lbs. However, the more weight on the board the more difficult it is to balance. So although the board can support a larger person, they will have a more challenging experience.

You shouldn't try.

Although you might be able to paddle across several miles of open ocean and arrive at Molokini, it isn't worth the risk.

Prevailing winds and waves increase throughout the day and would make your return trip unpredictable and often treacherous.

Additionally, you will be crossing a section of ocean with little to no boat traffic, and nothing downwind to save you. In short, if something were to happen, there would be very little hope of rescue.

Besides, Maui already has a TON of great spots for paddling. Check out our recommendations here.