Paddle in Paradise

Simply put, we believe that when it comes to Maui’s underwater world, you have to see it to believe it. That’s why we’ll bring you the kayak rentals you need to sit above it all, gliding amongst schools of tropical fish, over underwater volcanic craters, and through vibrant coral reefs, from the comfort of your Maui kayak rental.

Kayak with Sea Turtles

Or the spotted moray eel, raccoon butterflyfish, Hawaiian day octopus, or humpback whale, if you’re lucky. Home to swarms of green sea turtles, there’s no easier game than turtle-spotting in Maui. From scuttling across the beach to lay their eggs to using their flippers to soar through the seas at up to 35km/h, no two days are the same when turtle watching. And that’s a promise.

Quality Equipment, Every Time

Simply put, we offer the type of equipment we’d wear ourselves. Think ultra-comfortable, commercial-grade masks, semi-dry snorkels, and prescription lenses, because everyone deserves to see Maui’s marine life in 4K. Less time adjusting, fiddling, and de-watering. More time getting lost in Hawaii’s reefs. Snorkel equipment rental Maui, making your day that bit more memorable.

Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is necessary. Kayaking is easy to to, but it is a physical activity similar to swimming or riding a bike, and participants should be in good enough health for such activities.

Additionally, because kayaking is done on the water, all kayakers should be able to swim.

We offer one size of kayak, but it can be configured for one paddler or two.

If you're trying to decide between a single or double configuration, keep in mind that more paddlers always makes kayaking easier - this is especially true if there is wind. However, a second paddler may put you near or over the weight limit (450lbs) which makes thing more difficult - especially if the water is choppy.

Ours are Feel Free ocean kayaks (the Gemini series). Ocean kayaks are different than kayaks designed for rivers and lakes. Rather than sitting inside, we sit on top. The boat itself is sealed, so that no water can get inside - even if it is flipped or caught under a wave.

Our kayaks are fairly large. They're 12 ft long and weighs about 65lbs.

A kayak is definitely too big to fit into a van, or to keep inside a hotel room.

If you do want to transport your boat, let us know and we can set you up with everything you need (i.e. roof racks, wheels, or just a good lesson).