See it for yourself

Kauai's underwater world, that is. Erupting with color, from coral reefs, tropical fish, and green sea turtles to humpback whales, there’s a party going on underwater – and you’re invited. It’s a better way to explore, immersing you in some of the world’s best reefs, allowing you to swim side-by-side with monk seals, and giving you a front-row seat at the spinner dolphin’s acrobatic show. And that’s only the beginning.

Quality Equipment, Every Time

Simply put, we offer the type of equipment we’d wear ourselves. Think ultra-comfortable, commercial-grade masks, semi-dry snorkels, and prescription lenses, because everyone deserves to see Kauai's marine life in 4K. Less time adjusting, fiddling, and de-watering. More time getting lost in Hawaii’s reefs. Snorkel equipment rental Kauai, making your day that bit more memorable.

What's on your itinerary?

A last-minute trip to Anini? A jungle-side adventure Hideaway Beach? Or what about a drive down the coast to see where you end up? Wherever you’re going, we’ll arm you with the snorkel rentals you need to experience the other side of Kauai. 

Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions

Cheap snorkel rentals are used by by activity and timeshare companies to lure in unsuspecting tourist. Worse yet, the cheap sets are so bad almost everyone is upsold into a too-expensive rental.

A decent snorkel set (with no strings attached) will cost about about $20 for one day and $50 for the week. prices may be higher if delivery is included. Check out our prices here (delivery is included).

It depends on how well the equipment is cleaned, stored and handled.

We disassemble our sets after each use, and wash each component in an bacteria solution.

Weather you rent from us, or someone else, we recommend checking visually checking your gear before using it.

Easy. Morning is the best time to be on/in the water.

That said, the ocean is nothing if not unpredictable. Make sure to asses the conditions for yourself and use common sense (also use the buddy system).

If you're a frequent diver/snorkeler and have reliable equipment that your familiar with and is comfortable to use, then we recommend using your own equipment.

We do not recommend bringing old or borrowed equipment. Issues including poor fit, hard/brittle components and discomfort can ruin an otherwise perfect snorkeling experience. Besides, snorkel sets aren't ver expensive to rent - check out our prices here.