Olowalu Beach Delivery & Pickup - Mile Marker 14

Renting kayaks should be easy. We make it easy with super convenient drop-off and pick-up right at Maui's famous Olowalu Reef. We will meet you at Mile marker 14, located along Honoapiilani Highway (Route 30), with all of your requested gear. You just show up ready to have an amazing day in the sun, Hassle Free! 

Olowalu's Unique Hawaiian Reef System

Olowalu is a beautiful oceanfront area that is home to one of Hawaii's fastest growing coral reefs. Olowalu Reef, sometimes called "Turtle Reef" is home to a plethora of different marine animals such as fish, green sea turtles and manta ray. During Whale Season, this is a favorite spot to paddle out for a closer view of the Humpack Whales.

Manta Rays Galour

Olowalu is the best place on Maui to spot Manta Ray. In fact, Olowalu Reef has a larger Manta Ray population than any other place in Hawaii, and the fourth largest Manta Ray population in the world. Despite their abundance, spotting these gentle giants from your rental kayak isn't a sure thing. Consider yourself lucky if you encounter this majestic creature.

How Does Olowalu Reef Have Such Calm Waters?

Olowalu has been treasured by everyone (human or not) for for hundreds of years. The same calm waters that make it a great kayaking and snorkeling destination also make it a great hangout spot for every other kind of creature. We can thank the Maui's geography for keeping the wind and waves at bay. Olowalu is a reliable location for kayaking because it sits in the wind-shadow of the West Maui Mountains and is protected by reef and coastline from most surf conditions. This means, when other places are too rough to kayak, Olowalu can still be gentle. However, there are times when Olowalu becomes dangerous. Kayaking Olowalu should be avoided whenever there are strong off-shore winds.

Olowalu is considered one of the best places on Maui for kayaking and paddle boarding. Also, Olowalu Reef is renowned for its vibrant eco-system and large populations of marine animals.

The reasons for both of these is the same: The costal waters of Olowalu are well-protected by the West Maui Mountains and flanked by the costal geography of Maui, keeping it safe from most wind and waves.

Bring Me Rentals offers 4-Hour kayak rentals at Olowalu for $125. This price includes delivery to Olowalu Beach (at mile marker 14) and pickup from the same location.

Though there are some options for Olowalu Kayak Tours, we at Bring Me Rentals do not offer guided tours. We do our best to educate and equip our customers with everything they need to have a safe and memorable experience on their own.

Like any wild environment, Olowalu Beach and Olowalu Reef can be dangerous. Ocean conditions are constantly changing and wind and waves are always something to watch out for. Olowalu also has a shallow reef which offers some protection from the waves, but is itself dangerous.

When kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling at Olowalu. Make sure to avoid shallow reef. This is important to protect the eco-system (as well as yourself).

Additionally, make sure not to go out in strong winds or large shore-break. If in doubt, don't go out.